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Computer and Communication Aids for the Disabled

Welcome to Handicom's Homepage!

Handicom develops Computer & Communication Tools for the Handicapped.
Handicom focuses its activities on the tangent plane between handicap and computer. This explains the company's name:


Communicating with other people and using computers can be very difficult when you are disabled. There's a gap between you and other people, and you can't use the computer like they do.
We try to bridge this gap, by making new software and by adjusting computers and software for use in a work environment, in communication and in therapy.
There are innumerable ways to use the computer, nice and profitable not only for people with a motoric or sensorial handicap, but also for people who are mentally handicapped.

Put the case that you can't speak, you are isolated, you can't leave the house, or you can't even leave the bed, you can't read or write, or you are blind or deaf...
In this case, electronics or a PC with the right software can help you to communicate with other people. The world opens up for you!

Therapists, such as speech therapists, can take advantage of special hard- and software as well. How much of their valuable time do they loose, using a pair of scissors and a glue-pot? Various proceedings can be dealt with with much more effiency, using the computer as a tool.
Handicom has developed some computer programs for therapists. Using these, they can focus on the contact with their patients!

Our commitment
We believe that every person with a disability who is willing to do so, can use the computer to do seemingly impossible things. Things won't go as fast or as efficient as with others, but they are possible. This is what we are committed to: enabling disabled people to do more with the computer.