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Computer and Communication Aids for the Disabled

The BAT keyboard

Photo BAT

Operate the computer, using only one hand! This is possible with the BAT keyboard.
The BAT keyboard is an ergonomic one hand input control for computers.
It is ergonomic, because the hand that operates it doesn't have to move. Only the thumb and the fingers move.
You can operate the computer using a unique set of accords (key combinations) that are easier to learn than typing on a traditional keyboard. Once you're accustomed to this keyboard, you can reach a normal typing speed with it.

"It doesn't make sense to look at the keys, because the fingers remain on their place. You are able to concentrate on the screen." Tom Schmitz, San Jose, Mercury News

"...especially to people who use the mouse and keyboard together, the BAT keyboard offers some benefits. It is also profitable for people with a limited hand function." Wayne Yacco, MacWeek

BAT and mouse, the ideal couple
BAT and mouse Only one hand is needed to use the BAT keyboard. The other hand is free to operate for instance the mouse. "The BAT keyboard is an ideal and natural completion to the mouse", says Doug Engelbart, inventor of the mouse.

Fasten it to your seat
The BAT keyboard was invented by dr. Daniel Gopher, an internationally recognized expert on ergonomics and motoric skills.
He aimed at developing a keyboard to replace the traditional model.
At the starting point the keyboard wasn't meant to be used in the first place by physically disabled people.
However it has best found its way to physically handicapped people. One reason for this is that the keyboard is small and light-weighed; you can take it on your lap or fasten it to the side of the (wheel)chair - or somewhere else.

Order the BAT keyboard

Handicom is the official BAT keyboard importer for Europe. The price of the keyboard (either right- or lefthanded) is 525,00 Euro (VAT and shipping costs excluded).
A bag for optimal protection of the keyboard during transport is available at the price of 15,90 Euro.
You can also buy ChordEasy software; this is software needed to make macros for use with the BAT keyboard.
If you don't live in Europe, contact the official importer for your country.

System requirements

To use this keyboard you need an AT compatible computer and a DIN 5 or PS/2 keyboard connector; there are no system requirements.