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Bliss for Windows

Bliss for Windows isn't sold anymore.
Bliss for Windows users can make use of a special deal to change over to Symbol for Windows.

Bliss for Windows was the predecessor of Symbol for Windows and the successor of the BlissProcessor.


The BlissProcessor was released by Handicom in 1988. It contained a series of programs to work with Bliss. Bliss is a graphical language used all over the world by people who can't speak or write. With the BlissProcessor you could make communication charts, write Bliss text, make Bliss selection sets, et cetera.
The Bliss Processor was made in 1988 for use on DOS. When Windows became more popular than DOS, a Windows version of the Bliss Processor was awaited by many.
In 1996 Handicom started to release the Bliss for Windows series. Although Bliss for Windows looks totally different from the Bliss Processor, it contained the same elements. Only the Export Program and the e-mail facility (added to the Document Maker) have been added to the package. Bliss for Windows has been revised a number of times.

Other symbol systems

Bliss is a rather abstract symbol language with grammatics. It is one of the most flexible symbol systems. It is easy to make new symbols and you can actually write sentences with Bliss.
Many other symbol systems are less abstract. Less abstract symbols have the advantage that they are easier to recognize and learn.
Bliss for Windows couldn't work with other symbol systems. That's why Symbol for Windows has been developed. Symbol for Windows works with a whole range of symbol systems.
Both series - Bliss for Windows and Symbol for Windows - have co-existed for a while, because Symbol for Windows didn't meet the specific needs of Bliss users at first. It lacked a program to make new Bliss symbols, for example.
After adjusting Symbol for Windows Handicom stopped the development and maintenance of Bliss for Windows. The most recent version (still available for downloading) dates back to 2000.
Symbol for Windows has been extended with a number of new modules.