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Computer and Communication Aids for the Disabled


Afwassen Beeldboek (ImageBook) is a graphical language with simple, stylized images. It was developed by the Stichting Beeldlezen and meant to be used with people who have a mental handicap.

By order of rdgKompagne (then called 'Kompagne') a Windows program has been developed to work with this symbol system. With this program, helpers and therapists of mentally disabled people could make communication aids with Beeldboek symbols, or shopping lists, programs for the day, teaching materials, etcetera. The communication via Beeldboek images was made much easier this way.

Handicom has contributed to the development of the Beeldboek software by raising the quality of the images (on screen and on paper) and by improving the managing system for the database.

In 1998 Handicom has added about 150 symbols to the symbol system. There are about 1100 symbols in total.

The Beeldboek software is not available anymore. Instead you can buy the Beeldboek symbol database in combination with Symbol for Windows software.