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Computer and Communication Aids for the Disabled

KijkStad (SymbolCity)

KijkStad logo SymbolCity is the name of a virtual community that was developed for young people who use graphic symbols to communicate.
In SymbolCity (www.kijkstad.nl) members can do a lot of things: get in contact with other people (via chat and e-mail), look for and exchange information, play games, learn, and so on. The people for whom SymbolCity was made, can hardly or not at all get on with writing or text. Access to the Internet and e-mail is only possible using graphic symbols or simple text.
SymbolCity has realised an application in which they can find their own place, in their own way, their own tempo and using their own language.


SymbolCity was developed in the project "Praatstad", a technological development project, combined with a training schedule and user consultation.
SymbolCity was an initiative of BOSK, an association of motorically handicapped children and their parents.
The other project partners were:

The project started in March 2000 and ended in September 2001. SymbolCity was funded by the Dutch Corporation for the Handicapped Child (NSGK), in Amsterdam.