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Computer and Communication Aids for the Disabled

World Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (WWAAC)

WWAAC has its own website (www.wwaac.eu).
Handicom has developed the Hubble browser, based on the outcome of this project. An e-mail- and a chat program will follow.

WWAAC logo WWAAC stands for World-Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication.
This project aimed at making the Internet more accessible to people with a language, communication or cognitive disability.
...AAC-users exchanging e-mail, each of them sending and receiving e-mails in their own symbols
...people with aphasia browsing the World Wide Web independently
...organisations designing accessible web-pages for specific target groups.

Project components

Four key components made up the work of the WWAAC project partners.

  1. Language support Research and Development
  2. Task support Research and Development
  3. Development of three special Internet applications (a browser and e-mail program)
  4. Development of guidelines and tools for authors of web pages

Both R&D activities lead to guidelines to promote communication between manufacturers and compatibility between products.

Project partners

The project consortium was formed by:

Handicom was project coordinator.


This project was partly funded by the Europese Commission, via the fifth framework programme IST (Information Society Technologies).

Term of the project: January 2001 - June 2004.